Malang Batu City Tour and Kumbolo Lake Camping 3 Day

Bromo Tour Package

MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Tour package of Malang Batu and Kumbolo Lake Camping in mt Semeru will be really an amazing experience that you will never find in other places in the world especially for the lake.

Malang Batu City Tour and Climb Kumbolo Lake 3 Days
Enchantment of the beauty of attractions in Batu Malang and panorama of Kumbolo Lake Camping becomes a lure for nature lovers, especially for climbers. If you want to enjoy the charm in these two places, you can use Travel Malang Batu City Tour and Kumbolo Lake Camping 3 Day. This package is perfect for beginners climbers since climbing to the Kumbolo lake by camping

3 Days Journey for Malang city tour and Ranu Kumbolo
During 3 days 2 nights you will be invited by our staff then to do Malang Batu city tour then camping on Kumbolo lake, and for detail trip I'll explain about this trip to you.
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The First Day: You will be picked up at certain places from the airport, hotel or train station in Malang city. After being picked up, you will be immediately taken to Batu area to enjoy some attractions in Batu. In addition, because you have limited time, then we will point to a popular tourist spot in Batu area, one of them is harvesting apple. You may pick and eat apples as many as you want, or you can bring some apples to Kumbolo Lake. After Apple attraction then you may also visit Museum Angkut, and Apung Market, then check in hotel and rest.

On The Second Day, you will go to Kumbolo Lake from Batu Malang by 3 hours drive. Upon arrival In Ranu Pani Villages (starting point to Kumbolo), You should climb by foot approx 4 hours, Arrival in Kumbolo, sett tent and rest. Before that, You must have heard the magnificent beauty of Ranu Kumbolo with its lake and sunrise. Ranu Kumbolo is a lake located at the foot of Mount Semeru. Ranu Kumbolo Lake becomes a transit of the climber before proceeding to the summit of Semeru. The beauty of the Lake Kumbolo is known as paradise among climbers.

The Last Day: After an overnight rest in Ranu Kumbolo, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Ranu Kumbolo and its fresh air. Just do not forget to bring a warm jacket and some snacks or noodles, coffee and tea. You will witness an amazing natural beauty in Kumbolo such as its pure sunrise and the wonderful views of Ranu Kumbolo Lake including the reflection of sunlight to the lake of Kumbolo that makes the scenery so extraordinary. After Exploring the lake and go home to your last destination in Surabaya or Malang and finish program of Malang Batu City Tour and Kumbolo Lake Camping 3 Day.

Malang Batu City Tour and Kumbolo Lake Camping 3 Day

I think enough my explanation about the trip of Malang Batu City Tour and Kumbolo Lake Camping 3 Day, After reading above program, please contact our travel agency for more info about booking this Tour travel Package, and for the Price of Malang Batu City Tour and Kumbolo Lake Camping, you will get some facilities as like below:
  • Private transport standard car full AC service by 3 days (Driver, Full gasoline)
  • 1 night hotel accommodation around City of Batu area + Breakfast
  • 1 night Camping in Kumbolo
  • Entrance fee to Malang Batu Tourist
  • Entrance fee to Kumbolo for foreigner
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • City Tour guide (on request)
  • Fee for toll road and parking
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kumbolo