Camping Package on Mount Bromo


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Trip: Mount Bromo Tour by camping 2 days 1 night is a great adventure for you who love trekking and camping. Make sure you are in total 100% health condition.

Adventurous Mount Bromo Tour By Camping 2 Days 1 Night
Camping package on Mount Bromo is now open. This will be an adventurous moment. If you are lucky, in the middle of the sparkling Bromo area, by Mount Bromo Tour by camping 2 days 1 night you have a chance to see a wonderful and beautiful milky way with a bright sky and Mount Semeru as the background. This scene can be seen when the weather is sunny, in both the rainy season and dry season.

Mount Bromo Tour by camping 2 days 1 night
This camping activity is actually discovered by foreign tourists when they set up a tent in the afternoon, and they hunted Milky Way in the middle of the night as well as to eyewitnesses the golden sunrise of Bromo in the morning. Since then, many tourists both local and foreign to experience different adventure when they are visiting Bromo follow this tour.

Camping Package on Mount Bromo offers you a great adventure in nature. Just remember, you need to be totally fit 100% since you will walk and set a tent in the middle of the cold air. However, you should need to worry since your travel agent provides complete camping facilities as well as camping location in Mount Bromo area where the place is strategic, spacious and comfortable. Of course, it is very suitable for camping tours, both with family and friends.

From the camping site, you can see the other side of Bromo tourist panorama, Mount Batok, LautPasir or sea of sand and amazing views from high altitude. Sore, it will be very cold. The route is also quite challenging. You need to prepare both mentally and physically. This is why most of thetourists who love this package are from young people. They want a different point of view to enjoy Bromo.

The best time to choose this tour package so it will not be rainy and there is a big chance to see the Milky Way is in dry season such as May until August. Therefore, it is good to have a plane before joining Mount Bromo Tour by camping 2 days 1 night. If you love trekking and camping, this tour package will be awesome. You will feel this tour is even more adventurous. Just choose the right travel agent.

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Camping program on Bromo during 2 days
If you feel interested to join this trip, you should learn first the itinerary of Camping Package on Mount Bromo for 2 days, as I explain below:

(1 st Day): Surabaya or Malang (Pick up) to Mt Bromo Cemoro Lawang (Camping)

  1. You will be picked up by our travel agent, then our guide will take you to Mt Bromo area that location in Cemoro Lawang Village Probolinggo east Java
  2. The trip from Surabaya to Bromo has duration 3 up to 4 hours drive
  3. Arrival in Bromo, we will set the tent on Mentigen Hill, camp and free program.
  4. Dinner time at Lava View Loadge and after this is camp fire, party and grilled meat.

(02nd Day): Bromo Sunrise by Jeep – Go back to Surabaya

  1. You will wake up at 02.30am early morning, then our Jeep will pick you up then to bring you to Mount Penanjakan (the highest mountain in Bromo)
  2. Arrival in Penanjakan view point then you can enjoy the golden sunrise of Bromo with the beautiful landscape.
  3. The next trip at 06.00am, the visitors goes to sea of sand then to hike Mount Bromo. At this area you can visit the Mt Bromo crater that still active.
  4. After enjoying the crater, at 08.00am back to the Jeep and you can return to the tent. then to have breakfast, short break and loading your bags.
  5. At, our guide will take you back to Surabaya for ending the trip. After arrival in Surabaya airport area the program Camping Package on Mount Bromo 2 days 1 night is complete.

Camping Package on Mount Bromo

How to do the Camping Package on Mount Bromo 3.676 Mdpl in East Java, Indonesia ?

  • For arrival in Surabaya please you can take a flight by the arrival around 12.00pm or 01.00pm noon.
  • For the flight back on 2nd day in Surabaya please take a flight by the departure around 03.00,04.00pm in the afternoon.

If you are interested with Camping Package on Mount Bromo during 2 days 1 night and wanna join with US, you can directly contact our travel agency, and for the Price of Camping Package on Mount Bromo, you will get some facilities as like below:

  1. Private transport standard car full AC service (Driver, Full Petrol)
  2. Private Jeep for mt sunrise
  3. Mt Bromo Entrance ticket.
  4. 1 night camping on Bromo area (mentigen hill) + Breakfast
  5. Mineral water during the trip
  6. English tour guide (on request)
  7. Fee for toll and parking
  8. Having lunch and dinner

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