Camping Tour Package in Mt Semeru and Kumbolo Lake


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Hiking Trip: Mt Semeru can be called as the paradise for some hikers because that can spend their time with camping tour Package in Mount Semeru and Kumbolo Lake by 4 days and 3 nights.

Being Closer to Nature with Camping Tour on Mount Semeru and Kumbolo 4 Days
Semeru Mountain is known as the highest volcano mountain in Indonesia and to explore its beauty, sometimes one day tour is not enough. Two day tour is also not enough because most tourists want to spend so much time there. Camping tour package on Mount Semeru and Kumbolo lake by 4 days is enough because they can be closer with nature and relax their minds for a while. It is not easy for people who will spend about 4 days at the open sky without good health.

Spending Much Time in Semeru with Camping Tour on Mount Semeru and Kumbolo
The meeting point to start camping tour package on Mount Semeru and Kumbolo by 4 days can be at several places like Surabaya or Malang. You may be taken to Tumpang Village. It takes around 4 hours to reach Tumpang Village using car as main transportation offered by agent. Usually, when you arrive to Tumpang Village, you will not use the same car anymore but you may ride Jeep because the road is getting difficult and bumpy. However, it will not make you arrive at the Semeru but you will be taken to another pit stop which is Ranu Pane village.

It takes about 2,5 hours to reach Ranu Pane from Tumpang village. Ranu Pane is known as the starting point to begin trekking to Semeru and Ranu Kumbolo. However, you may not depart already because the local tour guide will inform you about things you must bring and the tools you need to do trekking. You need around 4 hours to trek from Ranu Pane to Ranu Kumbolo and you can see the camping area there. You will rest there for one night while taking dinner prepared by agent and also lay your body inside the tent before trekking to reach the summit.

After that, you may continue trekking to Kalimati for 3 hours and you will make a tent also there until midnight arrives. The trekking to Mahameru will start at 1 am and it takes 3 hours guided by local guide. It is because you can see sunrise if you arrive in the morning and you may enjoy the summit. You can choose camping tour on Mount Semeru and Kumbolo 4 days that can guide you well without making mistake.

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Climbing tour program during 4 days 
Before enjoying mt Semeru and Kumbolo lake, you should read more info about the itinerary for hiking to Semeru and Kumbolo during 4 days as like below:


  • Our staff from Bromo Tour travel agent will you up in the city of Surabaya, pick up service can be at the Airport, train station, or hotels in accordance with the time already agreed.
  • Then go direct to the Ranu pani villages in Semeru mountain by duration 6 hours drive. After getting Ranu Pani, you can check in homestay and rest.


  • Wake up, preparation then start trekking to KALIMATI through Kumbolo lake. This trekking from Ranu pani is need duration 7 hours trek. Around the way to Kalimati you can visit to Kumbolo and having lunch there. arrival in Kalimati, sett the tent, enjoy dinner and overnight.


  • Exploring Semeru summit is starting at midnight around at 00.00, before to do this trip you should bring some mountain equipment such as, masks, sunglasses, gloves, jackets, some snacks, mineral water, and trekking pole, then you can do the trek.
  • To get the top of Mahameru, you’ll spend time about 4.5 hours by hard trekking. You should reach the Mahameru summit before sunrise so you can see the beautiful sunrise and view from the top.
  • After you feel satisfied at the top, you can trekking down to Kalimati, having breakfast, packing and leave this camping area. Trekking down to KUMBOLO LAKE takes aboout 4 or 5 hours normal trekking, upon arrival in Kumbolo area, sett the tent and overnight here.


  • Wake up around at 04.30am, drinking some coffee and to see the golden sunrise combine with Kumbolo lake that has amazing view and you can explore this lake, after that you can have breakfast.
  • Feeling enough time, packing and leave this lake then go direct to RANU PANI, Arrival in  Pani lake, then our team will transfer you out to Surabaya or Malang for finish program.

Camping Tour Package in Mt Semeru and Kumbolo Lake

A good time to do Camping Tour Package in Mt Semeru and Kumbolo Lake for 4 days in East Java, Indonesia is:

  1. For arrival in City of Surabaya please you can take a flight by the arrival around 09.00am in the morning.
  2. For the flight back on 4th day in Surabaya please take a flight by the departure around 06.00pm afternoon.

After reading Camping Tour Package in Mt Semeru and Kumbolo Lake program, please contact our travel agency if you feel interested with that tour, and for the Price for Camping Tour Package in Mt Semeru and Kumbolo Lake, you will get some facilities as like below:

  • Private transport standard car full AC service by 2 days (Day 01 and Day 04)
  • 1 night camping in KUMBOLO lake
  • 1 night camping on KALIMATI 
  • Tent, sleeping bag and mattress
  • Some Logistics
  • Porters Semeru mountain
  • Entrance ticket for Semeru by 3 days
  • Parking fee and toll road
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Trekking tour guide
  • Trekking Semeru Package for 3 days
  • Having lunch, dinner and breakfast

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