Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour Package 2 days

Bromo Tour Package

MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: No need to sleep at the hotel or homestay in Kumbolo because hiking to Kumbolo lake by camping is much more fun and you will see so many colorful tents that’s amazing.

Hiking to Kumbolo Lake by Camping 2 Days
If you want to visit Ranu Kumbolo, it is better if you trek so you can feel the air and situation around you. Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour Package 2 days will give you the better energy and experience in enjoying nature around you. You will feel the good and fresh air without pollution and you may not camp alone because Kumbolo is known as the camping site so when you arrive there, you will see so many colorful tents that looks like lantern around.

Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour Package 2 days is The Best Way to Enjoy The Nature
Nothing can beat hiking to Kumbolo lake by camping because you can get the new experience if you trek and live in the wild nature. However, the porter provides the equipment including tent so you don’t need to bring your own tent along with other equipment related to camping. You just need to prepare your own belongings or your own needs so you can survive in under the feet of Semeru for 1 night only. You need 4 hours to arrive at Kumbolo but you can rest for a while during your journey.

You may get some facilities to support your trip to Ranu Kumbolo from transportation with AC. You will be picked up from the meeting point without paying for parking, tolls, driver and fuel because you have paid for the package. You also don’t need to pay for the entrance fee since the tour agents have managed it before. You will get the guide that will accompany you to Ranu Kumbolo. Beside that, you will get porter team based on the participants of the tour and they will lead you to trek until you arrive at Kumbolo.

You will get the sleeping bag and also the camping equipment along with the tent. Meanwhile, you will get the meal also during your stay at Kumbolo. However, some facilities which are not included sometimes are drugs so you need to bring them based on your condition, insurance and also the private needs. Every tour agent might have the same itinerary or it can be different but those offer the best hiking Kumbolo lake by camping ever.

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And Below the itinerary that you should pay attention before you take this Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour Package 2 days with our travel agency.


  • Arrival in Malang or Surabaya then we will meeting point based on your arrival. After that, go direct your journey to Ranu Pani village in feet of Semeru using our Private Transport standard tour. After getting Ranu pani, preparation then to hike to Kumbolo lake by 4 hours trek.
  • Once you arrive at Kumbolo, porter will set up the tent, enjoy this Kumbolo Lake, then overnight


  • In Kumbolo lake, you can see the Sunrise in the morning starting at 05.00am from the tent, After this you can breakfast then explore this lake while enjoy the view of Ranu Kumbolo. The next activity is refreshment.
  • After having lunch, packing then leave Kumbolo lake and to be continue to trek down to Ranu Pani, Upon arrival in Rani pani, our staff will pick you up and go direct to Malang or Surabaya and Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour Package 2 days is finish.

Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour Package 2 days

My advice about Trekking Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour Package 2 days in East Java, Indonesia is:

  1. For arrival in City of Malang please you can take a flight by the arrival around 08.00am in the morning.
  2. For the flight back on 2nd day in Malang or Surabaya please take a flight by the departure around 00.00am midnight, or you can stay one more night in Surabaya or Malang City.

After reading above program, please contact our travel agency if you feel interested with that tour, and for the Price for Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour Package 2 days, you will get some facilities as like below:

  • Private transport standard car full AC service by 2 days (Day 01 and Day 02)
  • 1 night camping on RANU KUMBOLO (Tent, sleeping bag and mattress)
  • Some Logistics
  • Porters Semeru
  • Entrance ticket for Semeru by 2 days
  • Parking fee and toll road
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in KUMBOLO
  • Trekking tour guide
  • Trekking Kumbolo for 2 days

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