Kumbolo Milky Way and Sunrise Tour

Bromo Tour Package

MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: In Mount Bromo, you can see Milky Way at night and Sunrise in the morning but the Golden Sunrise and Milky Way in Kumbolo is also great to see and you there are many tour agents which offer this package.

Kumbolo Milky Way and Sunrise Tour 2 days
Looking stars in the night might be your hobby before sleeping or you just want to refresh your mind by seeing at the sky. However, if you want to see the stars just like in the movie, it is possible to do because you just need to join Kumbolo Milky Way and Sunrise Tour Package just for 2 days only. You will see the river of stars sparkling to decorate the dark sky. You can’t just see Milky Way just from your house because it can be seen in the high place.

Kumbolo Milky Way is The Perfect View at Night
You will not find Milky Way and Sunrise in Mount Bromo only because Kumbolo Milky Way and Sunrise Tour is also famous. You don’t need to trek to Mahameru as the peak of Semeru just to see Milky Way because you can see it in Ranu Kumbolo. You just need to build a tent and sleep inside it until the right time based on schedule written on the list given by tour agent. You don’t need to go far from your tent just to see the Milky Way because you can go outside the tent and look at the sky full of stars you can’t count them at all.

In the morning, you can see sunrise after seeing the Milky Way so you can get 2 phenomenons in just one place and the great news is, you are surrounded by beautiful scenery just like in the movie. Kumbolo is so famous and there are so many Indonesia movies were created in this place. Because of those movies, Kumbolo is not just the place for resting before continuing the journey to Semeru but it becomes the popular camping site. There are so many people go to Kumbolo only for camping and they don’t hike.

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If you can see both Milky Way along with sunrise at the same time and the same place, then you don’t need to spend much time and 2 days are enough for you to stay in Kumbolo as long as you want. You can sleep outside and see the famous Kumbolo Milky Way and Sunrise Tour but don’t forget to save this moment with your loved ones.

Kumbolo Milky Way and Sunrise Tour

Below is my advice about the best time to do Kumbolo Milky Way and Sunrise Tour 2 days 1 night in East Java, Indonesia.

  1. The best arrival before going to Kumbolo lake in Semeru you should take the arrival in City of Malang and for the arrival around 08.00am in the morning.
  2. And for the flight back on 2nd day in Malang or Surabaya please take a flight by the departure around 00.00am midnight, or you can stay one more night in Surabaya or Malang City.

Fore more info about complete itinerary during 2 days of Kumbolo Milky Way and Sunrise Tour, please contact our travel agency, and for the Price for Kumbolo Milky Way and Sunrise Tour, you will get some facilities as like below:

  • Private transport standard car full AC service by 2 days (Day 01 and Day 02)
  • 1 night camping on RANU KUMBOLO (Tent, sleeping bag and mattress)
  • Some Logistics
  • Porters Semeru
  • Entrance ticket for Semeru by 2 days
  • Parking fee and toll road
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in KUMBOLO
  • Trekking tour guide
  • Trekking Kumbolo for 2 days

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