Mount Bromo and Menjangan Island 3 days


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description trip: Menjangan Island Bromo Tour Package or Travel to Mount Bromo and Menjangan Island 3 days 2 nights offers you remarkable moments since there are many to see and enjoy in both Mount Bromo and Menjangan Island, Bali Indonesia.

Remarkable Mt Bromo Tour and Menjangan Island Travel Package 3 Days 2 Nights
For you who are nature lovers, you should not miss the beauty of Mount Bromo as well as Menjangan Island in West Bali. Mount Bromo and Menjangan island can be said as the best tour package option since this package offers you a complete journey both in Mount Bromo area and in Menjangan Island such as snorkeling. Both places are remarkable and absolutely stunning. You will do love both of them. This package will take you there at the best time for your best moment.

Tour to Mount Bromo and Menjangan Island, Diving, Snorkeling Package 3 Days 2 Nights
This package is one of the main tour packages offered by tour and travel agents. In Bromo area, you will eyewitness the golden rise from Pananjakan 1 including Whispering Sand (Pasir Berbisik), Padang Savannah, Bromo crater as well as Bromo Milky Way Tour package if you area lucky. Mount Bromo and Menjangan island 3 days will give you enough time to explore Bromo deeper. For watching the amazing Sunrise, you may need to have a camping program. This is a fun program.

There are some activities offered by this package such as;

  • Swimming, Snorkeling in Menjangan
  • See the life of the Tengger Bromo tribe
  • See coral reef / marine biota in West Bali National Marine Park
  • Trekking on the island of Menjangan Bali
  • Hunting photos with friends and sunrise at Bromo
  • See Mount Bromo, PasirBerbisik, Padang Savannah, and much more

Indeed, you will enjoy snorkeling in Menjangan island. A little info about Menjangan Island in West Bali, this island is located in the north of West Bali National Park area. Precisely, it is in Klampok village, Grokgak district, Buleleng regency, Bali. This island has a beautiful underwater panorama, which is loved by tourists who like diving and snorkeling.

Besides that, this island offers more since you will see deer on this island. Menjangan means ‘deer’. Therefore, you will see more deer in Menjangan island. There are more to see and enjoy offered by Mount Bromo Tour and Menjangan island package for 3 days. Just for your information, this island is one of the best diving spots in Bali and 10 of the best snorkeling spot in the world based on “NEWS DISCOVERY“. The best time to visit is April to November.

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Tour Program during 3 days
So, the itinerary program for Mount Bromo and Menjangan island 3 days in our travel agency area as follow:

Tour on day 01st: Surabaya/Malang to Mt Bromo Cemoro Lawang Probolinggo

  • Your arrival in city of Surabaya or Malang, East Java is the best choice to do this trip, then at that time we will Pick you up at Airport, train station or Hotel, then our staff will take you to Bromo area at Cemoro lawang village in Probolinggo by using our private transport full AC by 3 hours drive.
  • Arriving in Bromo area, check in hotel or lodge near Bromo, and you can do a free program, or take a walk around Bromo to see a view there.

Tour on day 02: Bromo Tour Sunrise then go direct to Banyuwangi

  • Tour to Mt Bromo attraction, you will be started from 02.30am early morning, you will be picked up by Jeep or Hardtop and then go ride to Penanjakan view point to see the golden Sunrise and others view of Bromo from this summit.
  • After quite satisfied to see the sunrise, the next trip will be continue to the mt Bromo. Arrival in Parking lot of jeep you can do by trek or take by horse to easy way for reaching the crater of Bromo crater, for the last trip in Bromo, you can visit to Savanna and Whispering Sands.
  • At 9:00am back to the hotel with the same Jeep, having breakfast, packing and check out
  • The trip will be continue to the Banyuwangi area, it will take about 6 hours drive (normal route).
  • Arrival in Banyuwangi  then process to check in hotel near the beach and free program.

Tour on day 03: Menjangan island trip and go to Surabaya or Bali Island

  • Wake up, having breakfast then you will visit to Menjangan Island in Bali, from Banyuwangi to Bali you will cross the sea by boat.
  • Arrival in Menjangan Island in Bali, you can do a snorkeling or diving depend you like, After feel satisfied, you can having lunch then back to the hotel in Banyuwangi, packing and check out then we will transfer you back to Surabaya or Bali Island for ending the trip

Mount Bromo and Menjangan Island 3 days

How to start the tour of Mount Bromo and Menjangan Island Tour Package 3 days 2 night ?

  • For arrival on 1st day in Surabaya please take a flight by the arrival around 12.00pm or 01.00pm.
  • For the flight back on 3rd day in Surabaya please take a flight by the departure around 08.00,09.00pm in the afternoon.

So, are feel OK with Mount Bromo and Menjangan Island 3 days ?, If so,  you can contact our travel agency, and for the price of Mount Bromo, Menjangan Island Package, you will get some facilities as like below:

  1. Private transport standard car full AC service during 3 days (driver, petrol)
  2. Private Jeep for Bromo Tour
  3. Mt Bromo and Menjangan Entrance fee.
  4. 1 night hotel accommodation around mt. Bromo area + Breakfast
  5. 1 night hotel accommodation in Banyuwangi area + Breakfast
  6. Mineral water during the trip
  7. Tour guide (on request)
  8. Fee for toll and parking
  9. Snorkeling Package

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