Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour 3 days


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Trip: Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour Package 3 days 2 nights show you some remarkable places both in the area of Mount Bromo and Surabaya city.

Remarkable Mount Bromo Tour Travel and Surabaya City Tour 3 Days 2 Nights
Enjoying the beauty of Bromo and explore city of Surabaya East Java can be one of the best ways to make your holidays more fun and adventurous. You can select the package of Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour. This package offers you a wonderful tour in both Mount Bromo and Surabaya. There are many beautiful and remarkable tourism spots in both locations. This tour will bring you there safely and for more fun.

Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour 3 days 2 nights The best Travel Package
Mount Bromo is famous for its beauty spots such as its golden sunrise that looks really incredible. The panorama from Bromo crater is also absolutely stunning. There are also some other beautiful places in Bromo such as the existing caldera at the foot of Mount Bromo that is basically the remains of Bromo eruption which is now becoming the foot of Mount Bromo. The caldera is often referred to as a black desert. There are also Teletubbies hills that are filled with green grass as long as you see the entire area. Besides, you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of Milky Way right above Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour 3 days also will take you to Surabaya. You can explore this second biggest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. Surabaya offers millions of gorgeous tourism attractions that you cannot miss. However, 3 days and 2 nights are enough to catch some main wonderful places in both Mount Bromo and Surabaya. You just need the right tour and travel agent as well as the right schedule. If you want, you can add extra time or tour program.

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Either the schedule or the time (duration of the tour) can be changed depending on what you like most. This tour can be said flexible. However, you should discuss it with our staffs. So, they may arrange the best schedule for you to explore more places by the package of Mount Bromo Tour and Surabaya City Tour 3 days. For the price, you should not need to worry. The price of the package is cheap. All you need is just to be ready for your fun adventure. For the example of the schedule of Mt Bromo and Surabaya City Tour Package are as follow:

Surabaya Pick up then go direct to Bromo Cemoro Lawang

  • The journey to Bromo Cemoro Lawang villages is starting from Surabaya, Our English guide will pick you up at the Juanda airport (Terminal 1 or 2), train station or hotel in city of Surabaya East Java according at your location. Then we will take you to Bromo by using our private transport.
  • After you reach Bromo area at Cemoro Lawang, then go to hotel, check in, and free program depend on you like.

Time for exploring Mt Bromo and Go to City of Surabaya

  • On this second trip, you can starting the trip at 03.00am in the early morning then you will enjoy mt Bromo tour attraction by visiting mt Penanjakan view point 1, Bromo Crater, Savana and Whispering sand Bromo. You will explore Mt Bromo and other attraction around Bromo by using transport Jeep.
  • When you feel satisfied with all attraction then you will be taken back to the hotel for having breakfast and prepare for the next journey.
  • At 11.00am is time for going to city of Surabaya. Around the way to Surabaya you can visit to Mud sea Lapindo or Lumpur Lapindo that has amazing history, arrival in Surabaya center then check in hotel in Surabaya then rest.

Surabaya city tour and Drop off to Juanda Airport

  • For the last day in city of Surabaya, after having breakfast you are immediately get checked out of the hotel. Then you will be invited to visit Submarine Museum, Heroes Monument of Surabaya, Sampoerna Museum, and also Suramadu Bridge
  • In Madura area you can visit to Jaddih Hill attraction that has a popular spot in Madura. when you feel satisfied with attraction in Surabaya, we will invite you to the airport for back to home and finished the tour of Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour 3 days.

Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour 3 days

So what time does the travel package of Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour 3 days start ?

  1. For arrival in Surabaya please you can take a flight by the arrival around 12.00pm or 01.00pm noon in Surabaya.
  2. For the flight back please take a flight by the departure around 05.00pm in the afternoon in Surabaya on the 05th day

After you read the travel package and you feel OK with the trip of Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour Package you can contact our travel agency, and for the Price of Mount Bromo and Surabaya City Tour 3 days, you will get some facilities as like below:

  • Private transport standard car full AC service by 3 days (Driver, full petrol)
  • Private Jeep for mt Bromo sunrise
  • Mt Bromo and Surabaya entrance fee.
  • 1 night hotel accommodation around Bromo area + Breakfast
  • 1 night hotel accomodation in Surabaya + Breakfast
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • English Tour guide (on request)
  • Fee for toll and parking

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