Mount Bromo, Malang and Surabaya City Tour 5 days


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Travel package: Mount Bromo Malang Batu and Surabaya city tour 5 days 4 nights is more than just a fun tour or traveling since you will explore and discover more places.

Mount Bromo Malang Batu and Surabaya City Tour 5 Days 4 Nights is the best Choise
This is a long tour package as it is a combination of tour packages. It also can be said as one of the most popular or most favorite vacation packages that since the tour let you visit many wonderful places. Indeed, Mount Bromo, Malang and Surabaya City Tour will give you along time to explore Mount Bromo, Batu Malang as well as Surabaya for 5 days. The number of the places that you want to visit depends on the time and what you like to visit.

Wonderful Mount Bromo Malang Batu And Surabaya City Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights
This package can be your long holiday choice when you want to explore East Java with your family or friends. We make a holiday tour package for a longer time by combining some popular tourist attractions in East Java such as in Mt Bromo, city of Malang, and city of Surabaya. Mount Bromo Malang and Surabaya city tour 5 days and 4 nights package offer enough time to have fun and adventure as well. You may not miss even one place since this tour is very long.

The package offers excursions, recreation, and leisure around attractions in East Java. Several tourist attractions can be visited when you choose this tour package such as a tour to Mount Bromo (looking at the crater or eyewitness the golden sunrise from Pananjakan 1). Not only that, there is a quite fun adventure and journey too in Bromo. Sure, in Malang and Surabaya you will also visit some wonderful and amazing places such as waterfall Coban Rondo Pujon Malang, pick an apple, flower garden Selecta, home tree, Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2 and more.

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It is a good idea to ask a help of tour and travel agent to arrange your holidays in Bromo, Batu Malang as well as in Surabaya. So, choose the right tour agent that offers you Mount Bromo Malang and Surabaya city tour 5 days with the right price and complete facilities so you will not feel disappointed. This long tour can be fun if you are with family or children. They must love the tour too. For detail agenda during 5 days are as follow:

The first day is pick you up in Surabaya then transfer to Bromo Probolinggo

  1. On the firt trip is visiting Mt Bromo, this time you will be picked up at the Juanda airport (Terminal 1 or 2), train station or hotel in city of Surabaya East Java according at your location. Then the private transport will continue to the first tourist destination, namely Mount Bromo. The journey will take about 4 hours. 
  2. Around the way to Bromo you can have lunch at local restorant that has a good recommendation. After getting mt Bromo area at Cemoro Lawang, you can check in hotel in Bromo, dinner and sleep well.
The second day is exploring Mt Bromo and Travel to City of Malang
  1. On this second day for Bromo Tour, you will wake up at 02.30am. Waking up in the early morning becouse you will see the sunrise. You will explore Mt Bromo tour by using transport jeep, then the trip is going to Mt Penanjakan view point 1 or on Seruni Point 2 to see the golden sunrise and view of Bromo.
  2. The next tourist spot of Bromo that you can enjoy the sea of sands, at this time you can visit the crater of Bromo which has a height of 2,329 masl. After that you can visit savanna Bromo and whispering sands (pasir Berbisik). When you feel enough you will be taken back to the hotel for having breakfast and prepare for the next journey.
  3. At 11.00 your program is going to city of Malang. In Malang you can visit to Balekambang beach and Jodipan Villages or Colorful villages that has amazing view. Then transfer you to Batu Malang hotel, check in and rest.
The third day is Enjoying Batu Malang City Tour Full day
  1. You are Still in city of Batu. After having breakfast our English guide will take you for visiting the tourist attraction in Batu, the first spot is visiting Apple garden, in this garden you can picking fruit as much and also eating it. Then the journey to be continue to East Java Park 2 or Jatim Park 2 which is an educational tourism area including Batu Secret zoo and wildlife museum.
  2. When the noon arrived, after having lunch you will visit Museum Transport of Batu. After it you can enjoy the typical culinary tour in Pasar Apung Batu. Satisfied with the tourist destinations for 1 day, you can return to the hotel to take a rest.
The fourth day is Batu Malang Attraction then to City Surabaya
  1. On the fourth day, Make sure that you have got some souvenir, then packing and check out from the hotel. Our guide will take you to Coban Rondo waterfall then visit to Paragliding of Batu. Then the last trip in Batu is visiting Museum “The Bagong Adventure“, and then you can proceed to Surabaya.
  2. Along the way, you will transit in places such as Singosari Temple, and also the hero monument in Surabaya. Today’s trip is closed by checking hotel in Surabaya then rest.
The fifth day is Surabaya city tour and Drop off to Juanda Air port
  1. The final day in city of Surabaya is after having breakfast you are immediately get checked out of the hotel. Then you will be invited to visit Submarine Museum, Sampoerna Museum, and also Suramadu Bridge. in Madura you can visit to Jeddih Hill that has amazing view. 
  2. Satisfied at some of these places we will invite you to the airport for back to home and finished the tour of Mount Bromo, Malang Batu and Surabaya City Tour.

Mount Bromo, Malang and Surabaya City Tour 5 days

How to start the travel package of Mount Bromo, Malang and Surabaya City Tour 5 days 4 nights in East Java, Indonesian ?
  • For arrival in Surabaya please you can take a flight by the arrival around 12.00pm or 01.00pm noon in Surabaya.
  • For the flight back please take a flight by the departure around 03.00pm in the afternoon in Surabaya on the 05th day
After you read the travel package and you feel OK with the trip of Mount Bromo, Malang and Surabaya City Tour 5 days you can contact our travel agency, or if you want to enjoy no longer trip you can chose Mount Bromo Malang Batu City Tour 4 days, and for the Price of Mount Bromo, Malang and Surabaya City Tour, you will get some facilities as like below:
  1. Private transport standard car full AC service by 5 days (Driver, full petrol)
  2. Private Jeep for mt Bromo sunrise
  3. Mt Bromo, Surabaya and Batu Malang entrance fee.
  4. 1 night hotel accommodation around Bromo area + Breakfast
  5. 2 night hotel accommodation in City of Batu Malang + Breakfast
  6. 1 night hotel accomodation in Surabaya + Breakfast
  7. Mineral water during the trip
  8. English Tour guide (on request)
  9. Fee for toll and parking
  10. Tour Madakaripura Waterfall 

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