Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package for 12 hours


Description Tour: Many tourists want to enjoy Bromo full because they want to explore more about it and you can join Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package for 12 hours.

What to Prepare Based on Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package Full Day List
Enjoying Mt Bromo, east Java Indonesia, is not complete if you don’t watch two phenomenons there which is sunrise in the morning and Milky Way at midnight. If you want to see them all, just choose Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package 12 hours so you don’t need much time in watching these two perfect views. However, when you want to go to Bromo, you need to prepare it all. Though your country is colder than Indonesia, you still need some things.

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What You Need to Prepare Before Joining Mount Bromo Midnight Full Day Tour
If you join Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package for 12 hours, then usually the guide will tell you what you need but it is better to prepare it first so your holiday will be fun such as:

  • Winter clothes
    Indonesia is a tropic country but wherever it is, mountain is colder everywhere and Bromo can be minus Celsius at midnight but in the morning and afternoon, the weather is still colder with little warm. It is better to wear winter clothes. Choose the thick one and you can wear double clothes to protect you better especially when you choose camping under the Milky Way. You need to cover your body with something warm. Don’t forget to wear boots and also socks inside to protect you.
  • Food
    Tour guide will give you breakfast or lunch but they give you once because you take a full day tour which is only one day. Actually, there at the Bromo, you may find some stalls and you can also eat inside the restaurant at the homestay. However, the cold weather can make you hungry even more and also, the food sold at the tourism area can be so expensive though you just need something simple. That is why, you need to bring food. It can be bread or something that can last for long times without needing utensils.
  • Camera
    Bromo is famous with its view and you don’t want to miss it, right? If you don’t want to miss sunrise and Milky Way, you have to bring camera and also your phone camera. Sometimes tour guide prepares camera so you can take pictures but it is limited.

You can read other instructions on the Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package list and prepare them well before departing to your short holiday. Then for the short tour of this trip you can learn how to do this tour packages as like below:

Detail trip of Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package (full day trip):

  1. At midnight around at 12.00am, we will take you from Surabaya airport or Hotel to go to Bromo, I will pick you up at midnight cos you will do the Bromo tour without hotel in Bromo.
  2. Just information, preparation before to bromo, you must bring, warm jacket, gloves, center, glasses and personal medicine.
  3. Then, we will continue this trip towards the tourist area of ​​Mt Bromo by land. The trip to Mt Bromo it takes about 3 to 4 hours drive.
  4. Arriving at Bromo, then change the transport by Jeep, then every visitors can get in the Jeep (Max 6 person for 1 Jeep)
  5. Go direct to sunrise spot in Peak of Penanjakan 1 or Kingkong Hill, at this place there are many visitors from others country comes to see the beauty of Sunrise, this trip will be starting from 03.00am to 06.00am
  6. And then at 06.00am, the visitors can leave sunrise spot then go direct to Mount Bromo area. At this area you can visit Mt Bromo Crater that still active.
  7. After enjoying the crater, back to the Jeep and then to visit others attraction in Bromo such as WHISPERING SANDS and SAVANNA Bromo (Teletubbies Hill)
  8. At 09.00am, You can return to the transit are, then to local restaurant for having breakfast.
  9. After finished the trip of Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package for 12 hours, we will take you back to Surabaya airport or Hotel. After arrival in Surabaya and finish program.

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package for 12 hours

How to do the trip of Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package in East Java, Indonesia ?

  • For arrival in Surabaya is around 11.00pm or 12.00am at midnight
  • For the flight back on 2nd day please take a flight by the departure around 03.00pm,04.00pm in the afternoon.

If you are interested with Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package and wanna join with US, you can directly contact our travel agency, and for the Price of Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package for 12 hours, you will get some facilities as like below:

  1. Private transport standard car full AC service (Driver, Full Petrol)
  2. Private Jeep for mt Bromo
  3. Mt Bromo Entrance ticket.
  4. Mineral water during the trip
  5. English tour guide (on request)
  6. Fee for toll and parking

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