Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas Festivities 2019


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Trip: Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas Festivities 2019 can be the best choice for you who want to celebrate Christmas with a wonderful Bromo tour.

Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas festivities Travel package for 2 Days 1 Night
Mount Bromo is one of the best tour attractions in East Java. There are many tourists both local and foreign also visit this beautiful and wonderful mountain. Moreover, at the special moment like Christmas, there are more tourists. Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas festivities offer you who want to have or celebrate Christmas under the beauty of Mount Bromo with friends, family or the loved one. The Christmas will be more wonderful with this package.

Wonderful Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas Festivities 2019
By this package, you will not only offered or invited with the beauty of Mount Bromo but also the festive celebration of Christmas in Mount Bromo. The package of Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas festivities 2019 for 2 days 1 nights can be said as a combination package as it is special for Christmas. It means, your adventure in Mount Bromo area is more than just for a vacation but also a celebration. Therefore, the tour and travel agent will prepare everything including for the Christmas celebration.

There are so many gorgeous and wonderful places in Mount Bromo that you can enjoy during Christmas. Sure, you can firstly eyewitness the amazing panorama of Milky Way above the Bromo crater. This makes Christmas even more stunning. Then, in the early morning, you will watch the amazing moment of the appearance of golden sunrise of Mount Bromo at Pananjakan 1. This is more than just a moment; it can be your best moment in life. Moreover, it is for Christmas so you will feel more.

This package let you enjoy the fun adventure and challenging journey in Mount Bromo area since there are so many incredible places here. It means, both day and night, your time will be full of happiness, joy, and celebration of Christmas. Usually, it is also offered with New Year celebration. But, since it only takes 2 days and 1 night, so it is only for Christmas celebration.

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Tour package Program during 2 days
As for the holiday travel program for the package of Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas Festivities 2019 that you can learn is as follows:

Travel from City of Surabaya to Mt Bromo

  1. Travel journey from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines to Surabaya East java Indonesia, then we will pick you up on time on your arrival according to the time you informed earlier at the Juanda Airport (Terminal 1 or 2).
  2. After process pick up moment is done, then the journey will continue to ​​Mount Bromo attraction by duration around 3 to 4 hours drive.
  3. Arrival at the inn around Bromo, you can check in, and rest. Then free program. At night you can do a party for to celebrate a Christmas day.

Bromo Tour On Christmas – Get Back to Surabaya (Airport/Hotel)

  1. The second day is still in Bromo. In the early morning at 03.00am, you will picked up by by Jeep Bromo, then go direct to sunrise tour in Peak of Penanjakan 1 or Kingkong Hill. After seeing the golden Sunrise on Penanjakan mountain then you can explore to Bromo crater.
  2. Visit to the crater of Bromo, you can do by trekking or take by horse for easy come to the crater, After enjoying the crater, back to the Jeep and to go to the restaurant hotel. then to have breakfast, and do packing goods, preparation and check out.
  3. You can leave mt Bromo area around 11:00am. Then we will transfer you out to Surabaya for ending the trip. After arrival in Surabaya airport area the program Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas Festivities 2 days 1 night is done.

Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas Festivities 2019

How to start the trip of Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas Festivities during 2 days 1 night in East Java, Indonesia ?

  • For arrival in Surabaya please you can take a flight by the arrival around 12.00pm or 13.00pm at noon.
  • For the flight back on 2nd day please take a flight by the departure around 03.00,04.00pm in the afternoon.

Well, if you are interested in celebrating Christmas in a different way, then just visit Mount Bromo and ask the package of Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas festivities 2019. This package is complete and you will have all you need. Just find the right tour and travel agent that can arrange your schedule and time wisely during the special moment of Christmas, and for the Price of Mount Bromo Tour on Christmas Festivities  2 days 1 night, you will get some facilities as like below:

  1. Private transport standard car full AC service (Driver, Full Petrol)
  2. Private Jeep for mt Bromo
  3. Mt Bromo Entrance ticket.
  4. 1 night hotel accommodation around Bromo area + Breakfast
  5. Mineral water during the trip
  6. English tour guide (on request)
  7. Fee for toll and parking

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