Mt Bromo, Ijen Crater and Sukamade Adventure 4 Days 3 Nights


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Tour: Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater and Sukamade Adventure Travel package during 4 days 3 nights offer three wonderful and amazing places in East Java. You must visit three of them.

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater And Sukamade Tour 4 Days 3 Nights
This tour package, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater Banyuwangi and Sukamade turtle beach is a combination of three amazing and natural attractions in East Java that you must visit. The tourism attractions of Mt Bromo Ijen Crater and Sukamade Adventure share already familiar to both local and foreign tourists. This tour package is very recommended for travelers who love a natural charm. You may also find amilky way in Bromo at night as well as a beautiful blue fire in Ijen. Well, this is the details.

Wonderful Package of Mount Bromo Ijen Crater and Sukamade Tour 4 days 3 nights
The first destination of this Mt Bromo, Ijen Crater and Sukamade Adventure 4 days 3 nights package is Mount Bromo. Who is not familiar with this one? Mount Bromo is one of the most popular and favorite attractions in East Java even in Indonesia. Mount Bromo itself presents a million of the beauty of nature. Some of them are golden sunrise, romantic sunset, huge Bromo crater, a sea of sand, beautiful scenery of savanna meadow and much more.

The next destination is Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi. Ijen volcano crater is one of the second famous tourist attractions after Mount Bromo. Even, it becomes a mainstay attraction in East Java. Ijen Crater (Kawah Ijen) offers a stunning natural beauty such as turquoise crater and natural phenomenon of eternal Blue Flame/Blue Fire that you will find here and in Iceland only.

The last destination is the Sukamade beach. This tour is also located in Banyuwangi. For you beach lovers, this place is ready to explore. You will also see more sea animals, especially for sea turtle since this beach is the habitat of sea turtle (for nesting turtle). This beach has white and charming sand. At Sukamade Beach, you can see how the turtle is nesting and release the hatch lings to the beach.

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To enjoy these three places in the same time, you can buy Mt Bromo, Ijen Crater and Sukamade Adventure 4 days 3 nights package offered by our travel agent with relatively cheap and friendly prices. Before deciding to buy this package, it calls us first to know more about the information on this tour as well as other packages that you may be interested in. And for detail itinerary for Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour and Sukamade beach during 4 days, you can read below:

(Trip on 1st Day): Surabaya or Malang City East Java to Mt Bromo Cemoro Lawang

  1. On your arrival in Surabaya or Malang (Airport, train station or Hotel), we will pick you up by using our private transport standard tourism. then we will take you to mt Bromo area that has location in Cemoro Lawang villages
  2. The trip from Surabaya or Malang to Mt Bromo area is about 3 up to 4 hours drive. having lunch can be done at local restaurant when on the way to Bromo.
  3. After arriving in Bromo area, go to hotel that has view to Bromo, check in, and free program.

(Trip on 2nd Day): Mt Bromo Sunrise then go direct to Ijen crater Banyuwangi

  1. Starting trip for Bromo sunrise tour is around at 02.30am, then at that time the Jeep will pick you up and bring you to Mt Penanjakan view point to see the golden Sunrise and others view of Bromo from the top.
  2. After this activity, the next trip will be continue to the crater of Bromo. Visiting Bromo Crater you can do by foot or take by horse to easy way for reaching the crater and you can enjoy the Bromo crater.
  3. Around at 8:00am we can back to the hotel, go to restaurant then to have breakfast, packing and check out
  4. The next destination on the second days is continuing the journay to the Banyuwangi, it will take about 6 hours drive by land (normal route).
  5. Arrival in Banyuwangi area, then process to check in hotel near the beach and free program.

(Trip on 3rd day): Ijen Crater Tour and Sukamade Beach

  1. To do Ijen crater tour will be starting from in the morning at 12.00am, (This time is a good time to see a blue fire). Our guide will take you to the last Post is Paltuding by 45 minute.
  2. Arrival in Paltuding post then you can start trekking to the top of Ijen plateau by 1,5 hours normal hike.
  3. When you arrive on the top you can enjoy the Blue fire and beautiful Ijen crater also beautiful sunrise of Ijen.
  4. At 07.30am, you can back to the first Post, go to hotel, take a shower, and to go to the next attraction is Sukamade Beach by Jeep. We need around 6 hours drive to reach Sukamade
  5. After arriving in Sukamade beach, go to the inn, and short break.
  6. Having lunch then preparation to hunt turtles to spawn with ranger in Sukamade. When we got we want, you can see how the turtles lay their eggs. After this we can back to the inn and rest.

(Trip on 4th day): The release of a turtle child and go to Surabaya or Ketapang Port

  1. In the early morning, the ranger will take you to the Sukamade beach again, at this time is a good time to release the turtle child (Tukik) to the sea. After feel satisfied, you can back to the inn, having breakfast, loading your bag and to leave Sukamade area.
  2. Then our guide will take you to the last destination to Ketapang port Banyuwangi or back to Surabaya.
  3. Arriving on your last destination and tour package of Mt Bromo, Ijen Crater and Sukamade Adventure 4 days 3 nights is finish.

Mt Bromo, Ijen Crater and Sukamade Adventure 4 days 3 nights

How to start the trip of Mt Bromo, Ijen Crater and Sukamade Adventure in East Java, Indonesia ?

  • For the arrival on 1st day in Surabaya please take a flight by the arrival around 12.00pm or 01.00pm.
  • For the flight back on 4th day please take a flight by the departure around 10.00,11.00pm at midnight in Surabaya or at 01.00pm at the Ketapang port Banyuwangi.

If you feel OK and interested with Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater Tour and Sukamade Adventure 4 days 3 nights you can contact our travel agency, and for the price of Mt Bromo, Ijen Crater and Sukamade Adventure, you will get some facilities as like below:

  1. Private transport standard car full AC service during 4 days (driver, petrol)
  2. Private Jeep in Bromo
  3. Private Jeep to Sukamade from Banyuwangi (go and back)
  4. Mt Bromo,Ijen crater and Sukamade Entrance ticket.
  5. 1 night hotel accommodation around mt. Bromo area + Breakfast
  6. 1 night hotel accommodation in Banyuwangi area + Breakfast
  7. 2 night guest house in Sukamade beach area + Dinner and breakfast
  8. Mineral water during the trip
  9. English Tour guide (on request)
  10. Fee for toll and parking

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