Mt. Bromo Milky Way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour (3 days)


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Travel: Mount Bromo Milky way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour Travel 3 days 2 nights offer you a great adventure and experience to eyewitness the amazing milky way and eternal blue flame.

Mount Bromo Milky Way And Ijen Blue Fire Travel Package, 3 Days 2 Nights
Both Mount Bromo Milky Way and Ijen blue fire (Blue Flame) are famous attractions in East Java, Indonesian. They are natural phenomena that are rarely found elsewhere. Both of them can be seen when you join tour package Mt. Bromo Milky Way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour (3 days). Therefore, if you wonder how beautiful the milky way of Bromo is and how amazing the blue flame of Ijen, this tour package will directly let you see with your own naked eyes. This will be a wonderful adventure.

Mount Bromo Milky Way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour 3 Days 2 Nights
Milky way is a collection of billions of stars and gas-dust in large volumes that are in the galaxy disk that we live in. The number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy ranges from 200 to 400 billion. Imagine the incredible panorama when the sky is full of stars. By the package of Mt. Bromo Milky way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour (3 days), you will eyewitness the wonderful creation of God. For you who love photography, the charm of this natural beauty will make you get amazed.

Then what about the Blue Fire that occurred in Ijen crater? Blue Fire/Blue Flame in Ijen crater is a natural phenomenon that can be seen only when you reach the crater. This phenomenon occurs because the liquid sulfur burst out to the surface so that causing a fire-like effect but in blue color. This natural phenomenon can only be seen only in Ijen and the second one is in Iceland. The blue fire under Ijenis known as the Eternal fire that never goes out all night, this rare phenomenon occurs when the day goes night until morning.

Both Bromo Milky Way and Ijen blue fire are very dear if you miss them. Therefore, if you want to see and get amazed by both of them, just join this Mount Bromo Milky way and Ijen Blue Fire Package 3 days 2 nights. This package offers you a memorable adventure since you will climb Bromo and set a tent there then continue to Ijen in the next day.

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Tour Program during 3 days for Mt Bromo and Ijen Crater
This tour package is very popular for photographer, if you are interested to take this package with Us as your partner so please read more the itinerary program below before you buy this travel packages:

(Trip on 1st day): Pick up the visitors then drive to Mt Bromo area at Cemoro lawang.

  1. When you arrival in Surabaya or Malang airport, so at that time our staff will pick you up at your location.
  2. Then the trip will be continue to mt Bromo area at Cemoro Lawang Villages via Probolinggo to use our private car standard tourism. (having lunch on the way to Bromo by your own cost)
  3. Arrival in Bromo are, go to hotel that I have booked before, check in hotel and free program or rest.

(Trip on 2nd day): Mt Bromo Milky way and Sunrise Tour then to Ijen area

  1. Mt Bromo Milky way and sunrise will be done at night at 12.30am, our guide will pick you upr from your hotel to use Jeep / hardtop transport.
  2. The first spot to see the milky way is at the Pura Poten Bromo, that location has a good view for Milky way (Bima Sakti)
  3. Then the trip will be continue to the Mt Penanjakan 1 (View point 1). At this place you will see the best milky way and to see the beautiful Sunrise.
  4. After feel satisfied then you can visit to Bromo crater, This spot is the closing trip in Bromo.
  5. Back to the hotel, having breakfast packing and check out 
  6. The journey will be continue to the Ijen Crater Banyuwangi with our guide, it will take about 5 hours drive to reach the lodge in Ijen area.
  7. Arrival in Ijen area, going to the hotel, then process to check in and rest.

(Trip on 3rd day): Ijen Blue Fire Tour and go to Ketapang Port or Surabaya (Ending trip)

  1. Ijen Blue fire Tour or Blue Flame of Ijen will be started at midnight at 12.30am (almost same with enjoying Bromo Milky way) 
  2. Our guide will pick you up then we can go to Paltuding postal (start trekking to Ijen Summit)
  3. Arrival in Paltuding then you can trekk up to Ijen Crater by 1,5 hours normal route.
  4. When you reach the crater you can trekking down to the bottom of Ijen to see the Blue Fire. In the morning you can also to see the sunrise of Ijen and Ijen crater that has amazing view.
  5. At 07.00am, you can back to the Paltuding, go to hotel, take a shower, packing and get ready to Surabaya airport by 8 hours drive or drop off at the Ketapang Port of Banyuwangi, and Mt. Bromo Milky Way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour (3 days) is completed.

Mt. Bromo Milky Way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour (3 days)

How to start the trip of Mt. Bromo Milky Way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour 3 days 2 nights?

  • For arrival in Surabaya on 1st day, please take a flight by the arrival around 12.00pm or 01.00pm noon in Surabaya.
  • For the flight back please take a flight by the departure around 07.00,07.30pm in the afternoon in Surabaya on the 3rd day.

If you are interested with Mt. Bromo Milky Way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour you can contact our travel agency, and for the price of Mt. Bromo Milky Way and Ijen Blue Fire Tour 3 days 2 nights, you will get some facilities as like below:

  1. Private transport standard car full AC service for 3 days (driver, petrol)
  2. Private Jeep for mt Bromo milky way and Sunrise
  3. Mt Bromo Crater Ijen Entrance ticket.
  4. 1 night hotel accommodation around Bromo area + Breakfast
  5. 1 night hotel accommodation at Ijen Crater area + Breakfast
  6. Mineral water during the trip
  7. Tour guide (on request)
  8. Fee for toll and parking

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