Mt Semeru Trekking Package by Cheaper Price


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Hiking Trip: Trekking can be too risky if you don’t have local guide with you but Mt Semeru Trekking package by cheaper price might be the great help for you.

Mount Semeru Trekking Package by Reasonable Price Facilities
There are so many people who trek to Semeru mountain by themselves. It means they do it without help from tour agent. You can do it actually since you may pass with other trekkers too and Semeru is not a quiet mountain because so many people want to conquer it. However, Mt Semeru Trekking Package by Cheaper price can help you more and the tour agent has already prepared all tools and additional equipment for the members who joined.

What You Get from Mount Semeru Trekking Package by Reasonable Price
All tourists who want to trek to Semeru usually search for Mt Semeru trekking package by cheaper price. However, something people always miss it they only concern about the price without looking at the facilities given with that price level. Some might be disappointed because they get less facility and they need to spend much money again if they want to get the complete facilities. If you don’t want to be disappointed while you trek to Semeru, it is better to know the basic facilities you will get.

Usually, all tourists will get tour car from the meeting point with AC along with fuel as the basic facilities to get you from meeting point straight to Semeru. You may also get local guide that will accompany you to Semeru by trekking. The tour guide can speak English so tourists may not get difficulty in talking to them. The local guide will tell you also about Semeru completely. It means you don’t only trek to peak without knowing anything about Semeru at all. You will not ask for permit anymore because the tour guide will do it.

Mount Semeru Trekking has some packages that can you choose, for example trekking semeru for 3 days trip, 4 days trip, and Mt Semeru can be combination with others attraction as like Mt Bromo, Ijen Volcano or B29 summit, or you can check the same packages below:

During trek package to mount Semeru with Our Travel Agent Mt Bromo Tour Travel, you can get some facilities as like:
  1. Private transport standard car full AC service
  2. Camping on KALIMATI (Tent, sleeping bag and mattress)
  3. Stay at homestay in Ranu Pani villages + Breakfast
  4. Some Logistics during trekking
  5. Porters Semeru
  6. Entrance ticket for Semeru
  7. Parking fee and toll road
  8. Mineral water during the trip
  9. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  10. Trekking tour guide
  11. Trekking Semeru Package
  12. Having lunch, dinner and breakfast

Mt Semeru Trekking Package by Cheaper Price

The advantage if you can search for the best Mt Semeru trekking package by Reasonable price is you can get the free equipment including tent and also some kitchen utensils so your belonging will be lighter. You may not cook by yourself since breakfast until dinner is served by tour agent. You can search for more facilities like insurance or tax. If you can get the complete facilities, you can trek easily.

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