Snorkeling Package one day tour in Gili Ketapang Probolinggo


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Trip: Snorkeling Package one day tour in Gili Ketapang Island Probolinggo can be one of the best moment in your life since underwater scenery of the island is really beautiful and lovely.

Fun Snorkeling One Day Tour in Gili Ketapang Probolinggo, East Java
Snorkeling package in Gili Ketapang for one day trip is one of our favorite tour packages since there are many tourist loves snorkeling at Gili Ketapang Island. Snorkeling Package one day tour in Gili Ketapang Probolinggo is always chosen by the tourists who want to spend their vacation by enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature as well as looking at the beautiful kingdom of colorful underwater fishes. You may wonder how beautiful it is.

Amazing Snorkeling One Day Tour in Gili Island Probolinggo
Gili Ketapang Island has very beautiful natural scenery. No wonder if it is loved much by tourist both local and foreign. The stunning seawater contains a variety of beautiful coral reefs, fish and sea plants. Therefore it is one of the perfect spots for those who love snorkeling sport. This snorkeling one day tour at Gili Island Probolinggo will let you explore more the beauty of Gili Ketapang Island in Probolinggo. Even, you should not need to be a master just to enjoy the beauty of Gili Ketapang Island by snorkeling.

White sand, clear water, cool air and coral reefs and beautiful fish can be seen at once if you join this tour package. By joining this tour package, although just for one day, you will not only enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery around the beach but also the beauty of the underwater scenery. Indeed, as we know together, the underwater scenery in the area of Gili Ketapang is fascinating. No wonder if the tourists who come to this place always love doing snorkeling.

There are a few tips for you who want to join this snorkel package. You need to prepare the camera well, especially waterproof camera. In addition, if you want some extra packages, you should discuss this with tour and travel. The tour and travel party will tailor this tour package to you. You may also include all snorkeling gear rental to the package.

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Tour Program of Snorkeling Packages
For more information about Snorkeling Package one day tour in Gili Ketapang Probolinggo, you can read the itinerary below:

Tanjung Tembaga Port Probolinggo and Explore Gili Ketapang

  • The first time is meeting point on tanjung Tembaga port Probolinggo by our staff
  • Then we will take you to Gili Ketapang with others visitors to Gili Ketapang by ship, it will be needed just 45 minute to reach Gili island
  • Arrival in Gili island then you can explore this island by visiting beach and to do snorkel with duration 2-3 hours.
  • After you feel satisfied then you can have lunch, packing and prepare to leave this island
  • Transfer back to Tanjung tembaga Probolinggo and finish program.

The price for the Snorkeling Package one day tour in Gili Ketapang is IDR. 95.000/ per person (Min 8 person), then for the facilities in this packages are:

  1. Standard Ship (go and back)
  2. Snorkeling Set (Full Face Snorkel for those who can not swim and scared into the water but want to enjoy snorkeling)
  3. Viking Buoy Stylist and International Standards
  4. Fin (frog legs) for those who need and be able to free dive
  5. Lunch buffet + mineral water
  6. Friendly And Professional Guide
  7. Underwater Photographer + Action on camp + Free Photo underwater
  8. Up water documentation
  9. Gazebo at the western end of Gili Ketapang
  10. Insurance

Snorkeling Package one day tour in Gili Ketapang Probolinggo

Gili Ketapang Island Probolinggo will always be one of the best places you will be visited. It has more to offer to you. Just join the package and spend your time here. That is for the information about Snorkeling Package one day tour in Gili Ketapang Probolinggo. Each tour and travel agent may have different prices depending on what facilities you want. However, even if you select the standard package, you will love it.

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