Trekking Mount Semeru Without Hotel for 3 days


MT BROMO TOUR PACKAGE: Description Hiking Trip: What makes people love trekking to Mt Semeru is because they can enjoy the nature and scenery and you may use trekking Mount Semeru without hotel for 3 days and 2 nights.

Trekking Mount Semeru Without Hotel While Reaching The Mahameru Summit
Some agents usually offer hotels, bungalows, homestays and other places to stay when tourists come and join their tour program. However, when you join Mt Semeru Hiking or Trekking Mount Semeru without Hotel, you will sleep under the open sky inside a tent prepared by agent. You will sleep near lake under the foot of Semeru before continue your trekking to Mahameru as the peak and it will give different sensation unlike other tour programs.

Trekking Mount Semeru Without Hotel for 3 Days to Give You Different Experience in Holiday
It is impossible for you to reach the summit of Semeru just in few hours with resting little bit. Semeru is known as the highest mountain not only in Java but in Indonesia. That is why, mo matter how skillful you are, it is still impossible for you to finish your mission in conquering it without spending a day there. Trekking mount Semeru without hotel for 3 days is perfect for those mount lovers. But, where do you sleep then if it is not hotel or homestay? You will sleep under the open sky using camp as your temporary place to stay.

In Semeru, you will sleep right under it around the lake which is Ranu Kumbolo. Since this place is camping area, you may not see your group only but there many hikers or tourists who sleep there too. Sometimes, those people don’t plan to hike to the peak but they just want to camp at Ranu Kumbolo. The trekking can be so tiring and that is why, a good rest may help them to recover before continuing their journey. It becomes harder if you are closer to the peak and the air is thin so it will be colder.

Besides Ranu Kumbolo as the first destination, the second pit stop or rest area is called Kalimati and usually, you may rest again there to recover your energy before trekking again. The climbing mount Semeru usually starts at midnight so you can reach the peak in the afternoon. It will make you can stay longer at the peak while enjoying the scenery.

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Tour Program for 3 days
Trekking Mount Semeru Without Hotel for 3 days has itinerary that you can read before you but this climbing packages with us.


  1. The climbers that has booking with our travel agent will be picked up by Our English Guide in the city of Surabaya at Airport, train station, or hotels in accordance with the time already agreed. 
  2. Then you will be guided by our team and driver and go direct to the Ranu pani villages of Semeru mountain. This journey takes approximately 6 hours drive. After getting Ranu Pani then preparation to climb mt Semeru. after completing the climb registration, you will soon climb Mount Semeru. The first time you should to do is hiking to the KUMBOLO LAKE, climbing to ranu Kumbolo takes 4 or 5 hours normal trekking, upon arrival in Kumbolo area, sett the tent and overnight here.


  1. In the morning you can see the sunrise combine with Kumbolo lake that has amazing view, while you can enjoy a breakfast, during in Kumbolo you can explore this area.
  2. After that, the trekking trip to be continue to the KALIMATI CAMP, we need 3 hours to trek, arrival in Kalimati, sett the tent, enjoy dinner and overnight.


  1. To conquer the Semeru summit is starting at midnight at 00.00am, before to do this trip you should bring some mountain equipment such as, masks, sunglasses, gloves, jackets, some snacks, mineral water, and trekking pole, then you can do the trek.
  2. To get the top of Mahameru, you’ll spend time about 4.5 hours by hard trekking. You should reach the Mahameru summit before sunrise so you can see the beautiful sunrise and view from the top.
  3. After feeling enough enjoying at the top, you can trekking down to Kalimati, having breakfast, packing and leave this area. Go down to the Ranu Kumbolo, Ranu Pani, and then to go back to City of Surabaya or Malang then finish program.

Trekking Mount Semeru Without Hotel for 3 days

Recommendation to do Trekking Mount Semeru Without Hotel for 3 days in East Java, Indonesia is

  • For arrival in City of Surabaya please you can take a flight by the arrival around 09.00am in the morning.
  • For the flight back on 3rd day in Surabaya please take a flight by the departure around 00.00am midnight, of you can stay one more night in Surabaya.

After reading Trekking Mount Semeru Without Hotel for 3 days program, pleace contact our travel agency if you feel interested with that tour, and for the Price for Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package, you will get some facilities as like below:

  1. Private transport standard car full AC service by 2 days (Day 01 and Day 02)
  2. 1 night camping on KALIMATI (Tent, sleeping bag and mattress)
  3. 1 nigh camping on KUMBOLO LAKE
  4. Some Logistics
  5. Porters Semeru
  6. Entrance ticket for Semeru by 3 days
  7. Parking fee and toll road
  8. Mineral water during the trip
  9. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  10. Trekking tour guide
  11. Trekking Semeru Package for 3 days
  12. Having lunch, dinner and breakfast

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